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 Mesaj Başlığı: “Turkiya va Ataturk ketsin!?”
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“Turkiya va Ataturk ketsin!?”**

Written by Avicenna on Friday, 20 May 2011

Editor’s note: Ataturk Street in downtown Tashkent is about to be renamed, and in the view of neweurasia’s Avicenna, it’s the latest signal of Turkey and Uzbekistan’s rather bipolar relationship. “It’s obvious that this crisis is probably more serious than anyone thought,” he writes, “but it’s also consistent with the back and forth that’s taken place several times during the first 20 years of independence of Uzbekistan.”

**“Türkiye va Atatürk ketsin!?”

(Uzbek for “Turkey and Ataturk must leave!?”)

Despite all the statements of the government of Uzbekistan on never-ending friendship and brotherhood between our country and Turkey today’s news on re-naming of the Ataturk Street in the downtown of Tashkent fueled rumors of a serious crack in the Uzbek-Turkish relations.

The Turkish businesses closures that started in the end of 2010 and which have continued in 2011 likewise indicate an unwelcoming environment for Turkish investors coming to Uzbekistan.

Yet, with seeming no regards for these ups and downs, both countries have always emphasized “deep, centuries-old historical and cultural roots”. But now it’s obvious that this crisis is probably more serious than anyone thought, but it’s also consistent with the back and forth that’s taken place several times during the first 20 years of independence of Uzbekistan.

I witnessed the times when everything Turkish was demonized by the Uzbek authorities: lyceums with strong curricula were shut down in the late 90s, and much like what’s happening in neighboring Turkmenistan, the, Turkish teachers in the lyceums were accused of teaching Wahhabi or some other extremist-related ideas to young Uzbeks. To note, none of my friedns who studied at those lyceums ever mentioned that they were taught anything either extremist or against the government. According to them, the religious theme was never there at all.

I’ve also witnessed a successful come-back of the everything Turkish. There’ve been times when Turkish cafes were the coolest places to hang out with friends and family. It’s rather bipolar our relationship to Turkey.

All these kick-outs and come-backs have made Turkish businessmen more pragmatic and sober when chosing the next destination of their future investments. That’s what a participant of the Uzbek-Turkish business forum of December 2008 told Fergana:

“The Turks trusted the Uzbek authorities in the early 1990s and heavily invested in impoverished enterprises here. Once they made them operational again, however, the Uzbek regime commandeered the enterprises under various pretexts. Same thing is happening [again]. The Turks are invited to plant trees so that the Uzbeks will reap the harvest afterwards.”

Yet, according to the Turkish MFA website, political and economic relations with Uzbekistan are just destined to flourish. What will be the reaction of the Turkish side on the re-naming the street after one of the greatest heroes of Turkey?

To note, some unlucky Uzbek visitors flying to Turkey are being returned without so much as stepping foot on Turkish soil. To their questions Turkish border control officers respond: “Isn’t that what you do to our citizens in Uzbekistan?” ... rk-ketsin/

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