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By Hassen Laidi

IT HAPPENED IN the Masjid of Madinah, the Mosque of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam. Those who made Salatul-Maghrib there would mostly come together to listen to the weekly lecture in tafseer from well-known mufassir (commentator on the Qur’an) and major scholar of Islam, the late Shaykh Muhammad al-Ameen Ash-Shinqiti (d.1973). He recited the verse he was going to explain, ayah 56 of Surah al-‘Araf, or The Heights. As he read “Nor shall you spread corruption in the earth after it has been set aright (by God)” the Shaykh choked up and began to sob. He tried to continue, but could not utter a word. To the astonishment of those present, for he was not one known for emotional display, he went on crying inconsolably— until it was time for the salah of isha, as a matter of fact. He was never seen experiencing anything like this before or after.

Qur’anic commentators throughout time have all stated that this verse refers to, and seeks to focus the attention on, the fact that man’s actions, in general, because of ignoring or deviating from God’s teachings which He revealed through the various prophets and messengers from Adam to Muhammad, Allah’s peace be upon them all, tend to harm and corrupt life—all its aspects and everything in it, including man himself. In their discussion of what that means in realistic terms, most commentators explain that guidance from Allah points man to his role and purpose in this life, and His commands provide him with the principles and laws that, when honored, would undoubtedly make his existence on planet Earth sensibly and comfortably livable. Further, many expound and discuss the fact that man, believers included to varying degrees, manage to ignore God’s revealed guidance and introduce mischief into all walks of life which induce damage that has proven to be, incertain situations at least, immeasurably vast and absolutely irreversible.

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