Imam Rabbani Sirhindi: "Every Sunnah is Dhikr"
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Every Sunnah is Dhikr

Imam Sirhindi’s letters; SECOND VOLUME, 25th LETTER.

This letter, written to Khwaja Sharafadin Husain, states that every deed agreeable with the Prophet’s way is dhikr:

Al hamdu lillahi wa sallamun ala ‘ibadihilladhinastafa. The letter which my cherished son sent by Mawlana AbdurRashid and Mawlana Jan Muhammad has arrived here together with the other things vowed. May Allahu ta’ala, as a reward for them, bless you with the best things! We are pleased to hear of the news of your good health.

O My Son! This time of yours is a great opportunity. And opportunity is a great blessing. Times passed in good health and without anxiety are rare windfalls. You must spend each hour with the dhikr of Allahu ta’ala. Every deed, even if it is shopping, which is agreeable with Rasulullah, is dhikr. Then, every action, every attitude must be agreeable with Rasulullah. In this case all will be dhikr. Dhikr means to dispel unawareness. In other words, it is to remember Allahu ta’ala. When a person observes the commandments and prohibitions of Allahu ta’ala in everything he does, in his every action, he will have escaped from forgetting the Owner of commands and prohibitions and performed dhikr all the time.

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