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 Mesaj Başlığı: How I Found ‘My’ Shaykh or rather How I Was Found by Him?
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How I Found ‘My’ Shaykh or rather How I Was Found by Him

Report in Five Episodes

May 18, 2009

1. The First Sufi-Seminar

2. Intermezzo à la Hare-Krishna

3. Reunion with the Sufis

4. In Absentia of the Grandshaykh: Baya, the Allegiance for Life

5. After all with Maulana Shaykh Nazim!

http://theworldofthedervishes.wordpress ... al-report/


The Author Jamal ud Din Wolfgang PERTHEN, the author of this blog, was born in 1963 at Linz, Austria.

He finished what in the educational sphere of continental Europe is ‘Gymnasium’ in 1982 and continued to the university of Vienna where he inscribed History of Music and History of Arts, later, due to his widespread interests but also to growing discontent over university circumstances, History, Political Science, Law, and even National Economics (all studies, however, remained highly incomplete.) At the same time, he started to head systematically into the realm of Classical astrology studying with Hungarian astrology genius Sándor Belcsák (1938-1999) at the Austrian Astrological Society.

By 1987, age 24, the author had to realise the necessity of a new perspective: he went on an 8-months trip to India, Australia and Papua-New-Guinea, that truly changed his outlook on life. Back to Austria, he went for some time into the field of classical massage, and finally in 1990 inscribed at the teachers’ academy at Vienna in order to become primary school teacher. However, despite his talents and love for this profession, the author shortly before the final exams was stopped by the peculiarities of the Austrian teachers’ education system. Years of improvisation followed. So did – out of the blue sky and after years of attempts in Zen meditation and finally Bhakti – an encounter with a completely new cosmos: the cosmos of Sufism.

In March 1998 the author then took allegiance with famous Naqshbandi Grandmaster Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani of Cyprus, whose followers come from all corners of the world, East and West.

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